Grenoside Tree Services can provide you with all your logs and firewood requirements, from offering you advise on managing the process of keeping your fire wood to supplying you with logs or firewood in and around Sheffield.

Split timber that has been processed so it will fit straight into your fire/woodburner approx 12".


We can deliver processed wood in 2 different load sizes:

Meter square bag of seasoned wood (bulk bag) - £70 or two bags for £130

Meter square bag of unseasoned (green) wood - £50 or two bags for £90

If you require a small amount of wood for an outdoor burner ect please ring for prices.

We can also deliver unprocessed seasoned or green logs and timber, please ring for more info.



Woodchip is great for use as mulch in gardens, keeping weeds at bay, as well as improving the soil structure and retaining moisture in the soil. We recycle our woodchip to local farms and stables but we can deliver it to your door. The woodchip we have is not the chip that you get in bags at B&Q, but it still does the same job. It is usually straight from the job and will be tipped onto a suitable place at your location.

Contact us and we can deliver for a small cost depending on location.



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