The services that Grenoside Tree Services can provide include pruning, removal, emergency tree care (storm damage) and various other services in and around the Sheffield area.

If you are unsure which services you require, call us and we can assist you.

You may have trees that interfere with overhead wires, building facades, gutters, roofs, chimneys, windows, or those that obstruct streets or pavements. We can also advise you on preventive maintenance to keep trees in good health which will help the tree better defend itself against insects, disease and site problems. All tree work is carried out in relation to BS3998 recommendations for tree work.



Crown Thinning:
This is the removal of selected live branches growing throughout the crown of the tree. Crown Thinning can result in an even distribution of foliage therefore allowing light penetration and reducing wind resistance on the tree. This type of pruning can reduce the potential for storm damage.


Crown Reduction:
This is done to allow the continued conservation of the tree where structural problems might otherwise demand the loss of the tree. Crown Reduction is used to reduce the height and/or spread of the crown of a tree by the removal of the ends of the branches whilst maintaining the trees natural shape as far as possible.


Crown Lifting:
This is the selective removal of the lower branches of the trees crown. This is done to prevent danger to pedestrians or vehicles which may pass the tree, or it can be done to allow light through.


This is a heavy crown reduction technique and is appropriate where the crown of a tree is too large for its location or in some instances where extensive defects and weaknesses might make the tree unstable. Severe pruning of this type can cause vigorous re-growth on the tree.


Tree Felling/Revmoval:
This is the complete removal of a tree. It is necessary to do this to dead, dying or diseased trees to prevent damage or injuries. This can be done by straight felling (where space permits) or by dismantling the tree in sections

Hedges and Shrubs
Apart from our tree work we also carry out hedge pruning and general garden maintenance of shrubs and bushes. We can trim any kind of hedge and we ensure that our work is carried out safely and that all vegetation is cleared away.

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